What is CodeMark and what does it mean for E3?

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If you’ve seen the latest E3 updates to the Building Code, you may be worried about gaining consent for your project. While many building projects get delayed during the council consent process, CodeMark certification could help streamline your application.

In this article, we explain what CodeMark is and how it could help you to gain E3 compliance.

What is CodeMark?

CodeMark certified wood flooring

CodeMark certifies that a building product or building method meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. It is an indisputable form of product assurance and has a legal status equivalent to that of an Acceptable Solution or Verification Method. In a nutshell, all CodeMark-certified products are automatically compliant with the Building Code. 


Benefits of CodeMark certification

Whether you’re a homeowner, architect, or installer, CodeMark-certified products are sure to benefit you. We’ve highlighted the most notable advantages below.

Reliable quality

First and foremost, CodeMark certification is a consistent and objective measure of quality. This means the products are always reliable, high quality, and reputable, giving you peace of mind.

Reputable brands

In most cases, CodeMark is obtained by the most reputable brands in the construction industry. This reduces the risk of product defects and installation issues, especially because contractors are more likely to be familiar with the product. Ultimately, CodeMark gives you peace of mind that a given product is fully compliant with the NZ building code. 

Efficient building consent applications

When processing building consent applications, authorities must accept a CodeMark certificate as evidence of compliance with the New Zealand Building Code, provided the product is used under the scope and limitations defined on the certificate. In summary, your consent process will be much smoother. 

This also results in a significant reduction in the time and money spent on council RFIs (Requests for Information). 

What is E3?

E3 is the section of the New Zealand Building Code that refers to Internal Moisture. It outlines the requirements for the following: 

  • Adequate thermal resistance
  • Space temperature
  • Ventilation
  • Disposal of overflow water
  • Surfaces to be impervious and easily cleaned  
  • A record of amendments is a record of changes to the acceptable solutions, verification methods, and handbooks.

E3 states that all surfaces in wet areas, such as bathrooms and laundries, must be impervious, easily cleaned, and have adequate ventilation. Having adequate solutions in place for humid environments is critical for occupant’s health, as well as the longevity of your flooring.  

How to prevent issues with moisture

Product Selection

If you are an architect or homeowner, you can minimise issues by selecting the right flooring products in the design stage. In general, high-density timber and solid timber are more prone to movement, while engineered wood flooring is reinforced to handle environmental changes. 

In areas prone to humidity and temperature fluctuations, we recommend opting for lighter colours. This will absorb less heat than a dark floor, making it more resistant to movement. 


Certain installation techniques perform better than others. For example, floating floors are more prone to movement while glue-down floors are reliable. 

Control Climate 

While occupying the space, you can control the climate to minimise movement in your timber floor by turning on ventilation systems. 

At Forté, all our collections can gain building consent under the latest E3 updates, provided all our design and installation guides are adhered to. 

Sustainable timber flooring

The Forté Timber Overlay Flooring System is the first overlay flooring product to be CodeMark certified in New Zealand. Key benefits of this include: 

  • Easy flooring specification.
  • A simple compliance pathway.
  • Peace of mind that your project will not be held up in council. 
  • A wide range of timber flooring options.

Provided all our design and installation guides are followed, all Forté flooring collections can still gain building consent, even with the E3 updates. This means we now have the most comprehensive timber flooring system that is fully compliant with the new building code changes. 

Currently, the CodeMark certification applies to our Moda and Urban collections. However, the remaining collections will be added to the list in the coming months as we work through the factory inspections required in the certification process. 

To begin the specification process for your project, download our CodeMark certification below or request free samples of our trusted engineered timber flooring. 

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