On the outskirts of Queenstown is Wings Over Water by Kamermans Architects and Shore Construction. A uniquely constructed piece of architecture that reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


To maximize the use of the land, the garden was completed prior to the home. Carefully sculpted hills and ponds were added, and as the name suggests, the home appears to float over the water.


Meeting the full-height windows, the roof stretches outwards and elegantly slopes to suit the seasonal movement of the sun, which not only visually transcends but was designed to collect the rainfall for re-use, creating a sustainable home.  

The timber-clad soffits span into the interior living spaces, where you are met with a combination of warm and moody tones. The natural sandy colour of the Artiste Rustic Picasso timber flooring by Forté blends in seamlessly. Expertly handcrafted, the deeply brushed and undulating surface of the planks mirrors the exterior scenery beyond.

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