Why the Loft Collection by Forté is the best choice for Commercial spaces

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In the bustling world of multi-residential, retail, hospitality, and other commercial spaces, where foot traffic is incessant, finding the perfect flooring solution that balances durability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness can be a challenge.  

Through innovation and rigorous testing, we’ve specially designed the Loft Engineered Timber Flooring Collection to combat the common concerns around the best flooring option for these projects. Unlike other timber floors, Loft features a smoother surface that isn’t brushed to ensure no dirt or dust get trapped in the grain and offers the resilience and price point of laminate without compromising the authenticity of real wood. 

When damaged or scratched, timber floors need to be sanded and refinished, however, Loft only requires a recoating to get it looking like new again, a cost-effective solution. 

Recoating vs Refinishing: What’s the difference?  


The recoating process replaces the finish of a timber floor, which is the main layer of protection. Firstly, the floor is deep cleaned, rinsed and prepped and a new coat of finish is then applied, giving the floor a new layer of durable protection with perfect adhesion to the layer beneath and covering any scratches on the floor.  

This process fixes  scratches, discolouration and fading and is this is the most cost-effective way to revive a timber floor without having to sand the floor down and refinish it. When floors are recoated, they are ready overnight, eliminating any down-time needed when renovating your floors. 


Refinishing a timber floor involves the process of completely renovating your timber flooring. The floor is sanded down to the bare wood and a sealer or stain is applied, as well as a new finish. This process fixes major damage such as deep scratches, discolouration and fading, however it is costly and has increased downtime of 2-4 days before your floors can be used again.



 Advantages of installing Loft engineered timber flooring 

The Smoother Alternative: 

While vinyl flooring has been a popular choice for its smooth surface and ease of maintenance, Loft takes it a step further by providing a similar, smoother finish but with genuine timber. The misconception that real wood floors are prone to looking dirty or tired in high-traffic areas is debunked by Loft's innovative design. Loft’s unique characteristics ensure that no dirt gets trapped in the grain or between the plank joints, maintaining a clean and fresh appearance even in the most demanding commercial spaces. 


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Cost-Efficient Maintenance: 

Other flooring types such as vinyl and laminate, when damaged or scratched, often requires complete removal and reinstallation, resulting in significant expenses. Loft, on the other hand, minimises maintenance costs by offering a genuine wood floor that only requires refinishing when scratched or damaged.  
The specially designed polyurethane coating and commercial-grade finish ensures that the floor remains ultra-durable and any signs of wear and tear can be addressed with a simple recoating process which costs around $40/m2. This cost in comparison to re-sanding and finishing a timber floor or replacing a laminate floor for example, is significantly lower.  This cost-effective maintenance approach sets Loft apart from traditional timber floors that demand expensive re-sanding and finishing to rectify or refresh scratches and dents. 

Real Wood at Vinyl and Laminate Prices: 

One of the most compelling features of the Loft Collection is its affordability. Removing the price gap between vinyl and laminate with timber flooring, Loft provides the benefits of a real timber floor at a price point slightly higher but comparable to vinyl and laminate. You no longer need to compromise authenticity for cost-effectiveness in the design of your commercial or multi-residential project as Loft offers the best of both worlds, making it an ideal option. 

Design Opportunities and Durability: 

The Loft Collection goes beyond functionality, incorporating design opportunities with its sleek appearance and extensive durability. Engineered with a commercial-grade finish, the Loft Collection stands up to the rigors of heavy foot traffic while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Its durability is further emphasised by the ability to undergo a reskin process, making it a practical and economical choice for commercial spaces that demand both resilience and longevity. 

Bigger projects such as multi-residential and commercial spaces require long-lasting and budget-friendly options which is why Loft stands out as an innovative choice that ticks both of these boxes. 

To learn more about this ultra-durable collection and how it can benefit your project, Book A Consultation with one of our Sales Consultants or Order Free Samples of the Loft Collection. 


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