Must Have Wooden Floor Accessories

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Forté designs all engineered timber flooring collections with a high-quality, durable finish. We also have an environmentally responsible mindset and all our products come with guarantees of sustainable practices so if you’re looking for elegant and stylish flooring options, our collections are an ideal choice. When choosing wooden flooring for your home, there is more to think about than just what flooring colour you prefer. We’ve put together a guide for wooden flooring accessories which will elevate your interior and add a point of difference to your floors. Let’s start from the bottom.

Acoustic Underlay

This specialised heavy-duty acoustic underlay is designed for engineered wood flooring. The recycled rubber and cork act to reduce sounds from filtering through. This is especially ideal for multi-level buildings in which you want to provide a buffer between floors, the acoustic underlay can make a big difference in reducing noise.

Trims and Transitions

Our brass flat bars give definitive borders to your flooring and can make the transition between carpet and wooden floors look infinitely better. They say it’s the little things that count and with the style of adding trims and transitions, you’ll fall in love with your floors all over again. These brass trims can add a sophisticated element to your project and give it ahigh-end feel. We’ll even cut them to size at no charge to you.

Stair Nosings

Complement your wooden stairs with matching stair nosings in a range of colours, styles and grains to create a cohesive and seamless look with your floors.

With over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, we are a family-owned company with a passion for providing the best collection of engineered timber floors in New Zealand. Shop our floors, wood panelling and decking options today to elevate your living environment.

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