Choosing Your Wood Stain Colour

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Historically, wooden flooring was restricted to tonal varieties of brown. Things have since changed and you can now choose from a plethora of colours with engineered timber floors from Forté. We have a range of colours from natural, blonde/light and grey/beige to mid-brown, dark brown and charcoal/black. The best thing about wooden floors is that every floor is different due to the unique grain pattern. Wooden floors have never been so unique with our vast range of colours.

Lighter Colours

Light colours can help smaller rooms appear bigger. They brighten spaces and reflect more light than darker colours. If your home is on the smaller side, it may make more sense to choose a lighter coloured wood stain for your home. Light-coloured woods compliment darker shades of curtains and upholstery and also hide dust better than darker floors.

Darker Colours

Enhance the features of your home with darker stained wood. These are often more suited to larger rooms or places you want to help make cosy and intimate, and can work well with light furnishings to add a lovely contrast. Dark woods are rich and classic, suiting a more traditional aesthetic. They don’t fade as quickly as light-coloured floors either, meaning they will look better for longer.


If you like the classic look of real wood, our natural colours will suit your style, whether traditional or modern. Wooden floors have long been a common choice of flooring, going back centuries. Natural colours are a good ‘in between’ option if you are torn between choosing a light wood or darker wood floor.  

Non-Natural Colours

Although all our flooring has an essence of naturality in them, the rise of popularity in grey flooring is suited to ultramodern interiors and can help in achieving a monochrome look for contemporary minimalism.

Whichever colour you decide on, it is guaranteed to provide you with long-lasting, durable and, above all, beautiful engineered wood floors in your home. With environmental responsibility at the forefront of our company, you can rest assured your floors come from sustainable practices. All of our products are FSC, LEED and/or PEFC certified.

To help you choose, get in touch with Forté and request a sample and quote to ensure you make the right choice.

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