Steps To Cleaning Oak Wood Floors

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As one of the finest choices of flooring money can buy, oak wood floors are loved by many for a number of reasons. Firstly, they look majestic. With a warm and classic natural aesthetic which can transform any space into one of luxury and beauty, oak wood is a beautiful material and every piece is unique with its own grain pattern making every floor we install a one of a kind. Secondly, being a hardwood, oak is incredibly durable and can last for dozens of years whilst retaining an almost new look. Thirdly, they are very easy to maintain and keep looking there best. A simple clean once a month should be enough to keep them looking in spectacular condition all year round for years to come. But how exactly should you clean them? To help, we’ve offered a simple 3 step guide to cleaning your oak wood floors.

1. Debris

Step one involves cleaning your floors of debris. Dust, leafs and small pieces of food can all contribute to a dirty floor and left untreated can leave a dirty coat on your wood that is stubborn and harder to remove. That’s why an occasional brush can help keep your floors debris free. The real enemy, however, is sharper and harder debris, such as small stones, shards of glass and little pieces of twigs or splinters. These can cause scratches, even on durable hardwood floors. These should ideally be swept up immediately to avoid damage. A simple sweep with a soft brush can easily help you collect debris before removing it with a dustpan and brush or a quick vacuum.

2. Mop

With the more stubborn dirt, or with stains and spillages, a mop is required. Use our Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop and Wood Floor Cleaner to regain the sparkle your floors are lacking. Using warm water, mopping your floor will remove grime and bacteria. Just be careful not to use an excessive amount of water or it could damage your flooring.

3. Air dry

Finally, because wooden floors don’t like excessive moisture, it is always important after mopping to allow your floors sufficient time to air dry. Opening windows should give your floors the ability to dry off naturally and allow the moisture to leave your home, which doesn’t just help your floors but can prevent mould from growing in your rooms.

With our care products at Forte Flooring and our quality floors, you can enjoy a beautiful home for years to come.
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