Why is Oak Flooring So Common

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Why is oak flooring so common?

Ever wondered why oak flooring is so popular? There are a number of good reasons, from the fact that it is readily available, to its affordability and durability.

Readily Available

Oak is a readily available species and is grown in many countries. In terms of conservation, Oak is a species of least concern.


Due to its being readily available, Oak is one of the more affordable hardwood flooring timbers available on the market.

Attractive Grain Pattern

Oak has a very attractive grain pattern which is ideal for flooring. It is available in prime grades which are clean and mostly knot-free, or rustic or feature grades which have a higher percentage of knots and other interesting characteristics.

Hard Wearing

Oak is a hardwood and is much more dense than most of our common native NZ timbers, making it more difficult to dent or scratch.

Easy to Colour

Above all other woods, Oak takes very well to staining and colouring and because of this a vast array of colour options can be achieved with it.

Oak flooring

Improves with Age

Like a good red wine, Oak improves with age. Even after a couple of years the natural Oak colour will obtain a richer appearance. Regular care and maintenance combined with simple damage prevention methods will assist in preserving the integrity and longevity of your floor.

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