Wood Flooring Trends for 2023

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The wood flooring trends forecast for the coming year sees minimalist colours and designs rising in popularity as clients are opting for greys, creams, honey and natural tones. The beauty of these colours is in their practicality and ability to blend into the design.

We’ve listed our top trends in wood flooring colours, formats and finishes as well as popular panelling options for 2023, and have listed our favourite recommended Forté products.

Please note that these trends and recommendations are based on what we are seeing in the market, both in New Zealand and overseas. It is important to select timber flooring and panelling products that you like rather than what is trending.

Natural Toned Timber

With a focus on biophilic design and the use of natural materials indoors, natural wood flooring is still a flooring favourite of many, creating the feeling of connecting to nature.

Natural toned timber is versatile and has the ability to suit any interior style, be it an upscale contemporary home or cosy bach near the beach.

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Atelier Dolomite 

New to the Atelier Collection, Dolomite is an aged, light natural-toned European Oak which is available in 15 T x 220mm W and 21 T x 260mm W rustic planks.

View Atelier Dolomite 

Atelier dolomite (1)

Artefact Ammonite

Another natural toned favourite of ours is Ammonite with its warm, tan hue and subtle grey tones, creating a neutral plank with an abundance of colour variation, perfect for any interior style.  

View Artefact Ammonite 

Artefact ammonite (1)

Villa Dune

Dune is a natural, golden-toned rustic European Oak with a unique rough-sawn, textured surface, evoking a charming warmth within interiors.

View Villa Dune

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Warm Greys

Over the last year we have seen a shift from cool greys to warmer tones. Greys with warmer undertones are now preferred, taking cues from the Japandi design trends which sees Japanese interior styles of natural elements and warm tones melded with minimalist Scandinavian influence.



Atelier Marl

The plethora of aged, grey tones of Marl bring depth and dimension to interiors. Marl is available in 15 T x 220mm W and 21 T x 260mm W rustic planks with an ageing stain that creates striking authenticity.

View Atelier Marl 

Atelier marl

Artiste Rustic Van Gogh

Van Gogh is a lustrous, smoked grey European Oak with warm brown undertones and increased colour variation that imbues rustic charm and artistic expression.

View Artiste Rustic Van Gogh

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Honey, Cream and White Tones

As previously mentioned, with minimalism and versatility at the top of everyone’s mind this year, shades such as cream, honey and whites will be popular choices as they can easily be matched to any aesthetic.

Solid vs engineered


Indus Mojave

Mojave is a pale, honey-toned European Oak in a beautiful 240mm wide plank that is sure to add simplicity to your interior.

View Indus Mojave 

indus mojave (1)

Smartfloor Clay Oak

Clay Oak, available in feature or light feature grade is a pastel blond, creamy toned European Oak that exudes a refined modern brightness.

View Smartfloor Clay Oak



With a nod to Scandinavian interior design, we see white-washes making a comeback this year. Adding a bright and neutral simplicity to interiors, white-washes create a clean and airy environment that makes any area feel more spacious.

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Villa Cashmere

Cashmere is a blonded, rough sawn timber with a calming white wash effect amongst the grain, bringing subtlety and simplicity to interiors.

View Villa Cashmere


Moda Mezzo Amalfi

A unique, blond-coloured timber with an on-trend whitewashed effect, Amalfi is available in classic mid-width 190mm planks in feature grade.

View Moda Mezzo Amalfi 


Wider Planks

Wider planks seem to gain popularity year on year, with fewer seams in the flooring creating a clean and cohesive look where there is not as many interruptions of lines, allowing the vertical grain of the timber to shine.



Atelier Collection – 260mm W

A rustic collection of premium timber in 260mm wide and 2200mm long planks, finished with an ageing stain to create an authentic time-worn look.

View the Atelier Collection

Artiste Rustic Collection

A premium collection of 250mm wide rustic grade timber designed using specialist artisan techniques to create a time-worn feel.

View the Artiste Rustic Collection

Indus Collection

An earthy collection of premium engineered timber in beautiful 240mm wide planks available in feature and prime grade (colour dependant).  

View the Indus Collection


Matte Finishes

Timbers’ tactile qualities and natural feel allow us to connect closer with nature, therefore it is no wonder that matte and ultra-matte finishes are gaining popularity. Clients are gravitating more towards low-sheen coating as they feel more natural underfoot and have a raw an unfinished appeal.



Artefact Collection

The Artefact Collection offers a high-end reactive stain and Bona Matte Lacquer and Matte sheen level.

View Artefact Collection

Indus Collection

The Indus Collection offers a UV Cured Matte Lacquer and Extra Matte sheen level.

View the Indus Collection


Patterns (particularly grey parquet)

Patterned wood flooring creates unique focal points in interiors and is often used in a home’s high traffic areas such as hallways and foyers. We are now starting to see patterned flooring, especially grey herringbone and chevron, used in more formal spaces such as living and dining areas.



Artiste Rustic Van Gogh Herringbone

A lustrous, smoked grey European Oak with increased colour variation in herringbone pattern, Van Gogh is an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their interior with grey patterned flooring.

View Artiste Rustic Van Gogh Herringbone 

artiste rustic van gogh HB (1)

Natural Wood Panelling

Once again, natural is the way to go, especially if you’re wanting to add a feature wall in your home. Natural coloured wood, namely chevron panelling, will continue to gain popularity in 2023 as it adds a touch of nature to your interior, while keeping with the minimalistic aesthetic.

Muuro - Buff Oak V3_01_portrait


Muuro Buff Oak

Buff Oak is a natural, creamy-toned European Oak with soft brown-yellow tones in a clear grade. Its refined nature provides a contemporary, yet classic interior feel.

View Muuro Buff Oak


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