How To Create The Perfect Timber Decking Entertaining Area

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Millboard Decking

The number one way to upgrade your deck is to choose the world’s finest decking material, Millboard. This plastic-free alternative to timber decking doesn’t just offer better longevity and durability but is also a much more environmentally friendly alternative. It looks identical to real timber without the worry of rotting or deteriorating. Millboard requires little to no maintenance and has slip, stain and fade-resistant qualities, as well as being splinter-free. If you wish to upgrade your deck, there’s no better option than Millboard decking.

Outdoor Plants

To further improve the natural aesthetic of your Millboard decking, decorating your deck with outdoor potted plants can be a great addition. As the decking is slip-resistant you don’t have to worry about leaving water behind when watering your plants. Adding colourful plants and plant pots can liven up gardens and attract native birds for an outdoor haven in your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture

Carrying chairs and tables outside can get tiring. There’s no replacement for outdoor-specific furniture, it’s purpose-made to deal with the sometimes harsh weather in New Zealand and often has easily removable cushions to prevent them from getting wet in the rain.


Set up the perfect barbecue corner with your grill, an eating area with tables and chairs, and add a chilly bin to keep drinks cool for expectant guests. A perfect way to enjoy the summer sun late into the evenings or when you’re cooking up a feast.

With Millboard Decking, you’ll have a deck that’s perfect for entertaining and one that doesn’t need maintaining, staining or colouring over the period of its lifespan. It’s also rigorously tested for UV and weathering stability making it ideal for New Zealand conditions. To find out more, contact us and enquire about getting Millboard decking installed at your home.


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