Types of Decking

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Solid timber decking

Solid timber decking is 100% natural solid timber all the way through. It is available in many different species, each which has its own unique properties and benefits.

Hardwood species tend to be more expensive, but longer lasting - some examples of hardwood decking in NZ include Kwila, Vitex and Garapa. Softwood species tend to be more affordable, but don't last as long. The most popular softwood decking material used in NZ is Pine. 


Composite deckinghttps://knowledge.forte.co.nz/hubfs/AdobeStock_344299639.jpeg

Composite decking is a man made product made up of a mix (or 'composite') of different materials. There are different types of composite decking, such as WPC and RMC.

WPC (Wood plastic composite) 
A type of decking made from a wood plastic composite. It is characteristically more durable than real timber decking and requires less maintenance.

RMC (Resin mineral composite)
A revolutionary type of decking made from a resin mineral composite. It is more durable than both WPC and real timber decking, and requires very little maintenance. Millboard decking is a RMC type composite decking.

PVC decking

PVC is a type of decking made from polyvinyl chloride (also known as vinyl). It is characteristically lightweight and requires very little maintenance - however it tends to look the least like real timber.

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