What is the Best Material for Decking?

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Decking is a quintessential addition to any New Zealand home. It’s a place to gather for BBQs, parties, family get-togethers or simply relax on a sunny day. As wooden decks are constantly at the mercy of the elements, choosing the wrong type of wood can result in premature rotting, splintering, heat expansion, damage and fading. The sometimes-harsh New Zealand climate means your decking choice is essential in providing longevity for your outdoor area.

What is the Best Type of Wood for Decking?

Hardwoods provide good durability in terms of reducing scratches and dents. Their durable properties are important in preserving decking for a length of time, but are they the best? A specifically made composite decking product is engineered for the durability and longevity decking demands.

Millboard Decking

Moulded from carefully selected oak samples, Millboard is a composite product that is revolutionising decking by providing the beauty of real timber with unmatched durability, without the usual level of maintenance that decking requires. Millboard stands out as an outdoor product due to how it is engineered. With a high-tech core and rubberised surface, it looks just like wood without the need for regular oiling and sanding to prevent rotting, mould, staining, warping and fading. Made from polyurethane resin, reinforced with mineral fibres and hand finished by craftsmen for a real wood look, the outcome is a virtually indistinguishable timber product that looks as well as it performs.

The Benefits Of Millboard:
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Ultra-realistic real wood look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Doesn’t fade or stain like traditional decking products
  • Remains slip-resistant in all seasons
  • Capable of dealing with extreme climates without expanding or contracting in heat or cold
  • Hidden fixings 
  • Pre-drilling and countersinking not required

By installing a Millboard deck to your home, you remove the need to worry about wear and tear and instead can simply sit back and enjoy the best decking product available. Not only limited to the outdoors, it can be used for wall and ceiling panelling as well as fireplaces and outdoor kitchen benches and cabinetry - its versatility has no bounds.

The Millboard collection comes with matching fascia boards, square edges and bull noses for a cohesive outdoor flow.

The Environmental Impact Of Millboard

Rather than adding to the impact on the world’s hardwood forests, choosing Millboard reduces the environmental impact. Using less timber places less demand on global resources, and its longevity means using fewer materials less often. Durability is the ultimate answer to sustainability. Install Millboard decking to enjoy all the benefits of this product throughout summer.

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