Situated in Wanaka, The Heights by Condon Scott Architects, was designed with the aim of maximizing views while maintaining privacy in a densely populated neighbourhood.

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The exterior of the house exhibits a captivating and modern appearance, blending curves and angles in its architectural structure. The upper level is adorned with Ambro metal shingles, creating a distinct visual appeal, while the lower-level features warm cedar weatherboards in a natural grey tone that harmonizes with the shingles and integrates the home into its alpine surroundings.
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This vision has been achieved by the form’s H-shaped design which offers outdoor living spaces on both sides of the upper level, allowing homeowners to enjoy the Wanaka environment regardless of weather conditions or seasons.
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One eye-catching feature is the dynamic, diagonal metal cladding that continues from the exterior to the interior, lining one side of the internal staircase. Apart from its functional purpose of directing light and views into the living space, this sweeping front fascia adds a certain indescribable charm when observed from the street.
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In addition to its remarkable design features, The Heights also boasts exquisite flooring crafted with Atelier classic engineered timber by Forté. The flooring selection, Atelier, showcases the beauty of aged, natural-toned European Oak, presented in a wider plank format. With its unique combination of knots and character, the brushed texture and ageing stain of Atelier Classic contribute to the overall ambiance of the home, adding a touch of timeless elegance.
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