The clients of Mangahwai were looking for a home that blended seamlessly into the natural landscape while offering stunning views of the waterfront. 

The talented team at Belinda George architects created a beautiful home that complemented the rugged and ever-changing coastline, using textured clay bricks and cedar timber screens, that tonally matching the surrounding environment. 

Mangawhai House_04_Millboard_Smoked Oak_Forte

With an emphasis on a seamless indoor-to-outdoor flow, Millboard was the only oak decking that complemented their interior floors, which was essential as the clients wanted to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout their home.

Initially, the client was considering a premium hardwood, but after researching various composite and timber decking products, the clients concluded that Millboard was a must-have in their home, and decided to go with Millboard's 'Smoked Oak', which had a similar tone to silvered cedar. This allowed the timber screen to match the exterior decking over time. 

Mangawhai House_02_Millboard_Smoked Oak_Forte

Low maintenance and durability were a must for this coastal forever home. Forté collaborated with the talented Belinda George team to design an decking space that was functional and beautiful, and one that could be enjoyed for generations. Millboard's impervious nature made it the perfect choice for the project. It is not affected by moisture and coastal weather, and requires no maintenance other than cleaning.


Mangawhai House_01_Millboard_Smoked Oak_Forte
The decking's flexible edging allowed for various curved areas and close-ground contact areas, which could be achieved with ease. With Millboard, the clients were able to create a beautiful outdoor space that would stand the test of time.
Mangawhai House_03_Millboard_Smoked Oak_Forte
Simon Devitt

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