Located in Lower Hutt and meticulously crafted by Lume Design. Our timeless Van Gogh herringbone pattern and rich tones add depth and character to this beautiful home, setting the stage for a luxurious living experience.

Lower Hutt House_01_Artiste Grande_Van Gogh Herringbone_Forte
Lower Hutt House_02_Artiste Grande_Van Gogh Herringbone_Forte

Throughout the home, grey accents harmonize effortlessly with sleek black finishes, creating a cohesive design scheme that complements the flooring beautifully. The versatility of Artise Grande Van Gogh Herringbone flooring ensures it blends seamlessly with the surrounding elements.

Lower Hutt House_03_Artiste Grande_Van Gogh Herringbone_Forte

Large skylights in the kitchen allow abundant natural light to filter through, casting enchanting shadows and highlights across the herringbone pattern. This interplay of light and flooring adds depth and dimension to the space, creating an inviting atmosphere that beckons you to linger.

Lower Hutt House_04_Artiste Grande_Van Gogh Herringbone_Forte
Lower Hutt House_05_Artiste Grande_Van Gogh Herringbone_Forte

Artise Grande Van Gogh Herringbone flooring effortlessly elevates the Lower Hutt House with Its ability to seamlessly blend luxury, comfort, and style has made it a standout choice for homeowners looking to elevate their space with a touch of sophistication.

Lower Hutt House_06_Artiste Grande_Van Gogh Herringbone_Forte
Hazel Redmond

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