Can You Put Wood Floors On Concrete?

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You might be considering having wooden flooring installed in your living room, bedroom or the entire home. If you aren’t sure how the process works or whether they can be installed on top of your current flooring, let us answer those questions for you here.

Our engineered wood floors provide a beautiful foundation for your home interior. With a large range of flooring solutions, you’ll be sure to find the right choice for you here at Forté. But you may have some questions about installing them.

Can You Install Forté Flooring Over Concrete?

Yes, it is possible to install wood flooring over concrete. But the answer doesn’t end there. There are some variables to consider when opting to install on top of a concrete floor.

How old is the concrete? If your floor is freshly poured concrete it needs to go through the 6-8 week process of becoming fully cured before flooring can be installed on top. This time allows excess moisture to evaporate from the concrete. If you install floors too soon the moisture could damage the wood.

Floor level: The level of the concrete may sit above the level of the ground, the same as the ground or below. Our expert installers will determine this to make wood flooring seamless in your home.

Leave It To The Experts

Due to the previous points, wooden flooring should be installed by certified installers to ensure it looks its best and lasts for years to come. Our team is highly experienced installing floors in a wide array of homes and on various surfaces. Once installed, our engineered wood floors look just like a solid timber floor but it is much more stable and has many additional benefits.

  • All of our flooring collections are made with sustainability in mind and are FSC, LEED and/or PEFC certified.
  • Forté products are designed exclusively for New Zealand’s diverse climate
  • Engineered wooden floors are pre-finished for maximum durability
  • Installed by our nationwide network of approved craftsmen who are experts in glue-down installation


Now you know you can install wooden floors on top of concrete, take a look at our products online to choose the right colour, design and product for you. You also now know what to be aware of in terms of the installation process and the problems concrete could potentially cause.

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