Introducing the Loft Collection by Forté

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Inspired by the timeless allure of loft apartments and the unwavering resilience required in commercial spaces, the Loft Collection by Forté is a durable range of 12mm thick engineered timber.

Drawing inspiration from one of the most famous cities renowned for its loft apartments and commercial spaces, we set out to create flooring that would withstand the demands of high-traffic areas while embracing the essence of New York's suburbs and neighbourhoods.

Loft is an exceptional flooring and panelling collection specially designed to cater to the needs of multi-residential, retail, hospitality, and other commercial projects. With affordability in mind, Loft presents a cost-effective selection available in nine distinct coloured stains. Constructed with a sustainable Eucalyptus core, Alder wood backing, and prefinished with a UV Cured DuraMatte lacquer and commercial-grade finish, Loft combines sustainable natural timber with superior performance and durability and is our most water-tight surface yet. 

With its rich colours and captivating texture, our Loft Collection will transform any space into a haven of sophistication. From the warm tones reminiscent of brownstones in Brooklyn to the sleek and modern finishes inspired by Manhattan skyscrapers, this collection offers a range of options to suit any aesthetic with added durability to ensure that it can endure the test of time, just as New York's neighbourhoods have done for centuries.

The glue-down installation system enhances the premium sound and feel of Loft, while its scratch and stain-resistant finish ensures long-lasting beauty. With a smooth texture and the ability to be sanded and recoated in the future, Loft offers versatility and easy maintenance. 


Why Choose Loft?
  • Nine modern colours inspired by New York suburbs
  • UV cured DuraMatte lacquer with commercial-grade matte finish
  • Feature or Prime grade available
  • Standard 193mm wide planks or narrow 165mm planks available
  • Premium engineered timber 
  • Matching herringbone and stair nosings for a cohesive look
  • 2mm wear layer – can be sanded
  • Eucalyptus ply core with Alder wood backing
  • Low VOC – does not contain any added formaldehyde

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