What are the lead times on engineered wood flooring?

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In this article, we outline the standard timeframes for supplying our engineered wood flooring. We also share how we handle project delays to ensure your flooring arrives at the right time. 

Forté flooring lead times

When planning your interior project, understanding the timing is critical. Depending on the flooring products you choose from our range, we’ve outlined our lead times below. 

Standard lead times

In most cases, we will have our standard flooring products in stock and ready to distribute when we receive your order. This way, we can deliver your product in a week or two. 

When we experience an unforeseen rise in demand, stock may not be immediately available. In these cases, another batch will be in production or being shipped and may result in a longer lead time of up to eight weeks. Therefore, we estimated a 1 to 8-week lead time for the below collections.

Our standard lead time Collections include Loft, Urban, Moda, Smartfloor, Ultra, Indus, Atelier and Villa.  

Custom flooring orders

For bespoke flooring orders, we have an estimated lead time of 16 weeks, depending on the country of origin. For example, this applies to chevron-patterned flooring or parquet flooring. Please note that this is collection-dependent as some products are more suitable for customisation than others. If in doubt, ask the Forté team.  

Premium collections

Our premium collections tend to require more time to create and curate the perfect product for you. For example, our Artiste Grande collection has a lead time of around 16 weeks because it is wider and handcrafted. 

What if there are project delays?

When your project is not ready for the flooring to be delivered, we can reserve product stock for you. For a 50% deposit, we can reserve your flooring for up to 3 months or longer by prior arrangement. Alternatively, we can reserve the stock from the next available shipment to align with your project timeframes.

When to reserve flooring stock for your project

For most engineered timber flooring, we recommend securing your stock 3 to 4 months before you require it. This will ensure the flooring is available when your space is ready for the flooring to be installed. 

If you are interested in imported flooring or a bespoke flooring product, aim to finalise the product selection up to 5 months before it is required. This allows for manufacturing time and shipping from overseas. The lead time for these products will vary depending on manufacturing processes and shipping origin.

Engineered timber flooring NZ

At Forté, we offer an exceptional range of flooring collections to suit most projects and budgets. From our cost-effective Loft Collection to our premium range of flooring, you’re sure to find the right fit for your needs. 

Loft Collection

The Loft Collection is our most cost-effective engineered wood flooring, suitable for commercial projects, large-scale projects, and high-traffic residential homes. The collection consists of 193mm planks with a 2mm European oak veneer. 

Urban Collection

Suitable for renovations and new builds, the Urban Collection combines affordability with authenticity. The collection consists of 190mm planks with a 3mm oak veneer and a hard-wearing matte lacquer finish. 

Moda Collection

The Moda Collection is designed for versatility and is suitable for residential and commercial projects. This 3-layer engineered product features a 4mm European oak veneer and three configurations, including a standard 220mm plank, narrow 138mm plank, or Herringbone format.

Smartfloor Collection

The Smartfloor Collection is designed for modern residential living and commercial spaces, with a focus on being low maintenance and timeless. It features a 4mm European oak veneer and is available in 190mm planks, 220mm planks, Herringbone, and Chevron formats. 

Ultra Collection

The Ultra Collection is a robust option for residential and commercial spaces. It features a 190mm plank and a 6mm European Oak veneer for extra luxury and longevity.

Indus Collection

The Indus Collection is a premium choice for high-end residential and commercial interiors and was designed with modern hues and wide planks. It features a 4mm European Oak veneer and exceptionally long and wide planks. The Indus Collection is available in 240mm plank and Herringbone formats.

Atelier Collection

The Atelier Collection is a premium choice for high-end residential projects and features a 4mm or 6mm European Oak veneer. The planks have a unique ageing stain and brushed surface which creates strikingly beautiful colours. The Atelier Collection offers 220mm and 260mm plank options, as well as Herringbone and Chevron formats. 

Villa Collection

The Villa Collection is a premium choice for high-end residential projects, offering a bold rustic aesthetic. It features a unique rough-sawn texture and distinctive wood grains, and comes in a 240mm plank or Herringbone format. 

Artiste Rustic Collection

The Artiste Rustic Collection is our most premium range, most suitable for high-end residential projects. It features rustic, aged-look products with a 5.5mm European oak veneer, 20mm overall thickness, and undulating surfaces reminiscent of hand-cut timber. The Artiste Collection is available in 250mm plank, Herringbone, and Chevron formats. 

Whatever your vision, our team can find the perfect flooring for your project. Explore the range today or submit a tender for a detailed quote.

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