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Cleaning wooden wall panelling is a relatively simple process, but it requires care to avoid damaging the wood. 

There are different ways to clean wooden wall panelling depending on how dirty it is. For slightly dusty panels a damp cloth will work, however heavily soiled panelling will need to be cleaned with a cleaning solution. 

Note: Avoid using abrasive cleaners, bleach, ammonia, or any other harsh chemicals on wooden wall panelling, as they can damage the wood. Also, avoid using too much water, as it can cause the wood to warp or buckle.


Over time, wall and ceiling panelling may build up a layer of dust - especially if the surface of the product is textured. It is best to remove this periodically, to avoid a build up over time which may prove more difficult to remove. 

  • Wall and/or ceiling panelling should be dusted as often as it appears dusty
  • Dust can be removed with a microfiber cloth or mop with a microfibre dusting pad attached



Over time wall and ceiling panelling may accumulate finger marks, grime and smears, etc. It is best to treat these as they appear, to avoid a build-up over time which could be harder to remove.

  • Timber wall and/or ceiling panelling should be cleaned as often as it appears dirty. It is recommended to dust the product prior to cleaning with a microfibre dusting cloth
  • Products that have a finish applied, clean using a damp microfibre cloth or mop with a microfibre cleaning pad attached, together with an appropriate cleaning solution. 

    Please note: We do not recommend cleaning raw / unfinished product as this may leave unsightly watermarks
  • Always use a cleaning product that is approved for the type of finish on your wall panelling. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is suitable for most wood products finished with polyurethane, lacquer or hard wax-oil
  • When cleaning, ensure your cloth or cleaning pad is damp to the touch (not dripping wet), as excess water can lead to coating issues as well as swelling of the product


Although timber wall and ceiling panelling does not require the same frequent cleaning as a timber floor, you may find it does need the occasional dust or surface clean. Periodic cleaning of your wall and/or ceiling panelling will help to keep it looking its best for years to come.

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Minor scratches on timber wall panelling can be filled in with a coloured wax product. Read our helpful article on how to repair scratches to engineered timber.


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