How To Clean Engineered Wood Flooring

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Before we talk about the best way to clean engineered wooden flooring, we need to understand how it stands apart from its solid wood counterparts.

Engineered wood is more resistant to moisture from spills, condensation and humidity, making it less likely to bend or bow. Solid wood can also swell in hot weather. This expansion can leave your floors with gaps and cracks which are unsightly and unfixable. The differences in these flooring options also affect how you should care for and maintain them. Here are the best ways to clean engineered wood floors.


1. Rid them of dust and dirt

Collect all the surface debris to prevent a build-up from damaging the surface of your floors. You can do this with a soft brush, a dust mop or a microfibre mop to pick up all the dust sitting atop of them. Another option is to gently hoover your floors. Collecting all the floating debris means you’re now ready to…


2. Mop

Using warm water and a quality floor cleaner, mop your floors to lift stains and accumulated grime from the engineered wood. Make sure your mop is damp, not wet, as engineered floors, although better than solid wood, can be damaged from excessive water. A quick and light mop should be enough to clean them. Mop strategically from one side of the room to the other so you can keep track of which areas you have cleaned and aren’t walking over freshly mopped flooring.


3. Air dry

Allow time for your floors to naturally dry with the windows open to speed up the process. Do not walk on wet floors as it will only attract dirt from shoes and bare feet.


4. Wax

A special emulsion from Moda adds water-resistant properties to the surface of the floor for a periodic renewal if you want to go that extra mile in making your floors gleam for guests or as part of a big spring clean. 

As well as providing beautiful and long-lasting flooring products and installation in New Zealand, we stock some awesome cleaning products to help you manage the above steps with sheer ease. Get the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop to care for dirty floors and regular upkeep. In addition to this, you can pair it with a number of different floor cleaners, wax, stain remover and more to keep your floors clean, well looked after and appear new for years to come. 

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