Forté presents: 'Forest to Finish' as part of Auckland Design Week 2024

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Forté is proud to be an industry partner of this year’s Auckland Design Week, which officially starts on 10 March and runs through to 16 March.

With an inspiring week of over 15 exhibitions and experiences held around Auckland, we’re excited to share with you ‘Forest to Finish’, an immersive experience created for Auckland Design Week and brought to you by Forté and Black Bridge Nurseries, held at our Auckland Experience Centre on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March.

Our theme, Forest to Finish, for Auckland Design Week encapsulates a journey of harmony between nature and craftsmanship, telling a story of two brands embedded in tradition yet forward-looking, pioneering a path towards a sustainable future. 

Forté: A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability

With a rich history spanning over 35 years and across three generations, Forte embodies the essence of family, innovation, and environmental stewardship. As a leader in the New Zealand timber industry, we offer an exceptional range of timber solutions, including flooring, lining, veneer panels, and Millboard cladding and decking.

Each product from Forté embodies the essence of New Zealand’s design ethos, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are built to last. With sustainability at our core, we ensure that each piece not only enhances spaces but does so with minimal impact on the planet, reflecting a deep-rooted care for the environment, our clients, our people, and our products.

Black Bridge Nurseries: Cultivating Green Futures

Black Bridge stands as New Zealand’s premier specimen tree nursery, known for their extensive selection of large-grade trees, shrubs, and hedging. They believe in going beyond the supply of plants and envision creating greener, more vibrant spaces. Like Forté, they are a third-generation family-owned business, underlying a foundation built on personal service, quality and reliability, and a deep understanding of New Zealand’s unique flora.

Black Bridge is not just about trees; it’s about contributing to a larger version of sustainability and beauty. Each tree they nurture is a step towards a more sustainable and beautiful environment. Their commitment to green spaces is unwavering, ensuring that every addition to a landscape contributes to ecological balance and the beautification of our surroundings.

Our Collaboration

The collaboration between Forté and Black Bridge is a natural fusion of shared values and a joint vision for a sustainable future. We believe that our collaboration transcends products and services. It’s about embodying a philosophy of growth, sustainability, and beauty. This collaboration is our commitment to ensuring that the beauty we create today can be enjoyed for generations to come, making a lasting impact on the landscape and design of New Zealand.

What to expect from our Immersive Experience

We’ll be transforming our Auckland Experience Centre into a living and breathing forest, embodying our deep-seated commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable innovation. The trees within the space symbolise the circle of innovation and sustainable growth that defines our approach. Just as a tree grows and evolves, adapting to its environment, so too do our products and practices.

They illustrate our dedication to working in harmony with nature, highlighting the importance of growth, renewal, and sustainability. They remind us that every product we create begins with the natural world and that our responsibility is to ensure this relationship remains balanced and respectful.

We also have a special element to our immersive experience and, without giving too much away, we’ll be celebrating nature’s unique imprint by extending the concept of artistry and the use of timber as a canvas, further enriching our products with personal expressions and stories.

Join us at our Auckland Experience Centre

Our Immersive Experience will be running on Friday 15 March for professionals and Saturday 16 March for the general public.

Be sure to purchase your tickets and join us as we embark on a journey of harmony between nature and craftsmanship.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainable timber products, book an appointment with one of our Project Consultants or order free samples of our flooring, panelling, decking and cladding collections here.






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