BPIR requirements and engineered wood flooring

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Here at Forté, customers often ask us about the BPIR and the recent updates. Whether you’re a consumer, tradesperson, or designer, you may come across these requirements when specifying certain building products.

In this blog, we explain what BPIR is and how the new BPIR requirements have changed. We also explain how it will impact your project and the benefits you can expect to see. 

What are the Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR)?

Under Building product information requirements (BPIR), certain details must be provided to consumers for particular building products. This ensures product users have sufficient information about how their chosen building products support compliance with the Building Code. 

On the 11th of December 2023, new regulations governing building product information came into effect for all products imported or manufactured on or after this date. The Building Amendment Act of 2021 has implemented new minimum information standards for relevant building products, aiming to showcase adherence to the building code.

The building product information requirements aim to enhance product awareness and ensure anyone can access the product’s compliance information. The regulations are designed to equip building consent authorities, building owners, builders, architects and designers with all the information they need to make informed decisions. 

What does BPIR entail?

The current BPIR requirements are as follows:

  • Suppliers must have all product information publicly available, including certifications, guides, scope of use, and limitations.
  • Information on the company website must be accessible with no email address sign-in required.
  • The supplier website address must be disclosed on all product packaging.
  • Product information must be displayed next to each product listing on the website.

CodeMark Exception

Products that are registered under the Codemark Scheme automatically meet the Building Code requirements and are exceptions to BPIR. The Codemark document covers all the relevant compliance points you need to know. 

However, with some suppliers, only certain building products have a registered CodeMark certificate. For products in the same system that are not covered by a registered CodeMark certificate, the building information requirements may apply.

What is CodeMark and what does it mean for E3?

What does it mean for you?

Wholesalers, retailers, and distributors

Wholesalers, retailers, and distributors are required to ensure building product information is readily available whenever a designated building product is for sale. 

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Manufacturers and importers

Manufacturers and importers are required to produce and collate the building product information online for free. 

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Building consent authorities

Building consent authorities still need to check that building work and the products used are compliant with the Building Code. As part of this process, they will still be able to request additional information about a building product when processing a building consent application. 

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Tradespeople do not have any new responsibilities under the regulations but will benefit from a reduction in the products that fail, provided the installation is carried out correctly. Over time, you can expect a reduction in your labour costs relating to repairing or reinstalling products that were not initially installed correctly.

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Designers do not have any new responsibilities under the regulations but will benefit from a reduction in RFIs from building consent authorities. As a result, you will likely see a reduction in related resource costs.

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As a result of tradespeople having access to more information about the products they use, consumers should expect a reduction in repairs or remediations. Over time, they should also see faster home builds as a result of reduced consent time.

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How does Forté comply with BPIR?

At Forté, we are proud to have full compliance with BPIR, making things easy for you when specifying our engineered timber flooring, panelling, and Millboard decking. This also minimises RFIs from your local council. We meet the BPIR requirements with the following steps: 

Clear disclosure of Product Information

To help you make informed decisions, we provide clear, detailed, and thorough information about our flooring, panelling, and decking products. 

In-depth guides and manuals

To ensure you are well-equipped with all the information you need, we supply in-depth Design Guides, Installation Manuals, and Care and Maintenance Guides. This not only assists with specifications but also ensures you can enjoy your new Forté products for many years to come. 


We also supply CodeMark and PASS certifications for select collections. This way, you know exactly which products meet these requirements and how to proceed with the specification process. 

Download Forté’s codemark certification

Product listings on our website

All the product listings on our website provide detailed product descriptions, specifications, intended use, and limitations. By providing clear product information, we ensure our customers have everything they need to select the right timber flooring product from our range

Product samples and product packaging

When you order our product samples, they’ll arrive with stickers displaying all the relevant information you need to specify our products. Our product packaging also includes QR codes, linking to the relevant product listing on our website to ensure optimum product awareness.

Open access to Product Information

Have you seen our new and improved resources page? This page is easily accessible on our website and showcases everything you need: 

  • Product spec sheets
  • Guides
  • Collection brochures
  • Test reports
  • Floor Build-up diagrams
  • Codes of Practice
  • Forté BPIR documents, including all relevant documentation and information.

All of this information is readily available without the need to log in or sign up. 

View our new Resources Page

Engineered timber flooring NZ – BPIR

At Forté, all of our hardwood flooring is compliant with BPIR or CodeMark certified. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind knowing your chosen product is perfect for your needs. For more details on our BPIR compliance, download the BPIR information PDF below.

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