The recently completed Clubhouse at Queenstown Country Club, designed by Warren and Mahoney, offers residents a social hub of community hospitality, wellbeing and entertainment spaces.

The interior design, with quadrants mirrored around a main entry and reception hall, draws inspiration from its beautiful alpine surroundings and local architecture, creating a feeling of understated quality and comfort. The chosen material and colour palette is inspired by the region’s array of flora and fauna, including that of the iconic mountain Kea, where its olive-green body, scarlet underwings and slender grey-black beak inspire the rich colour palette used throughout the interior.

The design boasts rough-sawn, exposed timber truss work and a slatted timber ceiling, barn-like in nature like that of the local residential homes in the region. The walls are adorned with refined, rich timber panelling that not only creates a focal point but defines individual rooms within the larger space. Textural elements have been used throughout the interior with heavy set schist fireplaces anchoring and defining the three main spaces. Glulam timber also replaces steel for the building structure to enforce the focus on sustainability.

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Barry Tobin

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