Nestled within the suburb of Orakei, this residential renovation showcases Moda Altro, Portofino; Designed by Mercer & Mercer and JKW Interior Architecture & Design.
Orakei Residence_01_Moda Portofino (Capri)_Forte
The inspiration for this project stemmed from the homeowner's desire for a warm, cozy, and relaxed atmosphere—a private sanctuary where they could escape with their three children. Simultaneously, they wanted a seamless connection to the outdoors, facilitating effortless entertaining with friends and family.
Orakei Residence_02_Moda Portofino (Capri)_Forte

One of the standout details in the home is the giant kitchen island, which serves as a focal point for gatherings and daily family activities. Additionally, the curved stairs with floor-to-ceiling balustrades and the unexpected cedar ceilings add a touch of uniqueness and character to the space. 


Orakei Residence_03_Moda Portofino (Capri)_Forte

The Portofino engineered Forté flooring from their Moda Altro collection was the perfect choice as they harmonize effortlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. It's soft, earthy tones complement the natural textures and materials found throughout the home, enhancing the overall sense of warmth and coziness. 

Orakei Residence_04_Moda Portofino (Capri)_Forte
Orakei Residence_05_Moda Portofino (Capri)_Forte

Overall, this project embodies a harmonious blend of natural elements, timeless design, and thoughtful detailing—creating a home that not only looks beautiful but also feels warm, inviting, and intimately connected to its surroundings.

Orakei Residence_06_Moda Portofino (Capri)_Forte
Julia Kennerley

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