Located in Karaka is this stunning project by Trinity Design, Lewis Build, PTG Architecture and Paul Hood Landscapes. Adding to the owner’s existing estate, the Karaka Pool House is complete with a spacious living area, hidden office, and scenic views of the countryside.



Well-lit by an abundance of natural light from the large windows and sliders, the main living space boasts high walls and a raked ceiling, clad with Forté’s Muuro Fresco Oak Panelling. To create a smooth and seamless look, the panelling also covers the doors to the adjacent bathroom and office.


The clean grade oak panelling complements the contemporary aesthetic, while the variation of beige tones pairs perfectly with the Moda Tuscany Feature Plank flooring by Forté, laid in the living area and office.

Karaka Pool House-10

Adding depth and character to the soft colour palette, rich brown tones were used for the custom cabinetry in the kitchenette, office and bathroom.

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