Discover Gilt Brasserie, nestled in Auckland's CBD. Designed by Knight Associates & crafted by Made By, this gallery showcases the fusion of elegance and craftsmanship, featuring Moda Altro Dolcedo. 



The latest chapter in talented chef Josh Emett's story is his new restaurant – GILT Brasserie.

Forté collaborated with talented builder Gus Dobson from MADE BY and designers Knight Associates from the outset of the project, working to recommend a narrow plank timber floor operating as a border for a beautiful, natural stone. 

Gilt Brasserie_01_Moda Altro_Dolcedo_Forte-1

The brief provided, was a dark-toned timber to tonally complement timber joinery. Most importantly the height and installation required, was perfect with the intricate installation details. 

Gilt Brasserie_02_Moda Altro_Dolcedo_Forte

With the talented team working on a quick turnaround fitout, Forté had to collaborate to find a stocked product that was suitable. Moda Stretto Dolcedo provided that perfect solution, being a ‘narrow’ 138mm engineered timber plank, giving the space a sophisticated feel and, most importantly, it was readily available. 

Gilt Brasserie_03_Moda Altro_Dolcedo_Forte
Forté and our talented craftsmen installer partners, worked together on perfecting details such as custom mitred stairs out of the forte planks, all pulling this together in a quick turnaround.
Jono Parker

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