Pairing Inspiration

Colour Pairings

Explore our collection of tonally matched Colour Pairings, tailored to elevate any design project and ensure a flawless finish. From rich wood flooring to elegant wall panelling, sleek veneers and contemporary decking and cladding, each pairing palette is meticulously curated to achieve cohesion and visual continuity in architectural design. Our aim is to simplify the specification process for professionals by offering perfectly paired products that enable seamless design.

Complementary Pairings

Discover our expertly curated Complementary Pairings, blending dynamic contrasts and harmonious hues across our flooring, panelling, veneers, decking and cladding products. While these hues may not match tonally, they embrace the juxtaposition of complementary colours, fostering synergy for unique design aesthetics and enabling easy specification of products that visually integrate a seamless and inspiring design.

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Book a Pairings Consult

Book a consult with a Forté representatives to design your own curated pairing for your next project.