Reasons To Add Wood Floors To Your Home

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Timber wood flooring is a warm and stylish choice when looking to update your home. That’s just one of the reasons you should choose it. Hardwood floors are a very popular choice in all areas of the home and more people are introducing them in every room. Flooring is one of the most important parts of your house. It ties all the different areas and styles together with a constant aesthetic throughout. If you’re looking for a new style for your floors, look no further. Here are the 4 best reasons to add wooden flooring.

Wood Floors Upkeep

Unlike other flooring choices, wood floors can be sporadically refinished and resealed over years of use to keep them looking and feeling their best. Many other flooring choices don’t have this luxury meaning you may have to replace floors sooner and not get the same amount of longevity from other choices.

Easy Cleaning

Installing a Forté timber floor with a lacquer finish protects the wood from dirt, dust, crumbs and liquids. A simple mop occasionally is all that’s required to keep your new floor sparkling clean all year round and fits in with a rustic or more modern home aesthetic.


We’re not sure about you but with flooring we love it when it’s consistent throughout a home - rather than having a mix of wood, carpet and tiles. Negate this with Forté timber flooring throughout the whole house to fit the style of the rest of the house. Ideal for lounges, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways.

Scents And Spills

There are a lot of strong scents throughout homes, from fresh herbs to cooking, toilets and more. The finish on our wooden flooring prevents smells from sticking. In the case of occasional spills, wood isn’t as slippery as tiles or concrete, but excessive moisture can sit on top of the wood. Just remember to wipe up spills or surface water within one hour.

We’re passionate about timber and the warm, luxurious feel it gives to homes. We focus on supplying only the best flooring directly to homeowners, specifiers and builders. Contact Forté Flooring today to install beautiful hardwood flooring in your house. 

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