Inspiring uses of timber on walls

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Timber planks, herringbone and chevron can be installed on walls to create a stunning tactile feature.


  • Planks laid horizontally on a wall or will make the wall appear wider, while if laid vertically the wall will appear higher.
  • Planks laid diagonally will make a stunning statement and draw extra attention to the wall.
  • You should consider the direction of the flooring in the room and how it works with the wall. Running the feature wall parallel to the flooring will result in your eye being drawn down the planks and straight to the wall, whilst laying perpendicular will draw your eye across, making the space feel wider.

Herringbone & Chevron

  • Herringbone & Chevron planks are usually laid on 45 degree angles so that the two angles together point up & down the height of a wall. This draws your eye to look up the wall and makes the space feel taller.
  • They can also be laid so that the two angles together point back and forwards across the length of a room. This will draw your eye down the length of the room, making the room feel wider.
  • For something a bit different, herringbone & chevron planks can also be laid so that one of the angles is straight against the wall and the other is perpendicular to that - this will create more of a squares effect rather than the usual arrows look.

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