How Does the Cost of Millboard compare to other types of decking?

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Decking Life Time Comparison Chart

Millboard vs Softwood, Ipe & Wood plastic composite

Graph supplied by Millboard UK. Data based on Timber Decking Associations UK recommended timber decking maintenance program and figures taken from Midlands based Installers Summer 2017


The subframe material and installation costs of Millboard are comparable to traditional decking. Upon purchasing, the product may appear more expensive than timber decking. However, if you take into account its greater durability, increased lifespan and reduced maintenance requirement, the life cycle cost of Millboard is considerably less than that of timber decking. 

Timber decking boards typically last 10-15 years, and would need to be replaced more than once over the life-span of a single Millboard decking board. In addition to this, timber decking requires yearly maintenance - whereas a Millboard deck will never need to be re-stained, painted, varnished or sealed.

Millboard decking also provides a consistent quality, appearance, strength and stability, as opposed to timber decking which can vary wildly in quality and appearance, planks are not equally strong or stable, and there's always the risk of warped or bowed boards.


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